02/06/2019 - 09:21

Photography and Nature Conservation

The name Faunity stands for the dedication to nature and animal photography. Faunity combines Photography with nature conservation.

Since more than 25 years Stefan Rother is activ in the conservation of tropical rain forests. Back in 1989, he founded the nonprofit association, Tropica Verde e.V. together with a group of biologists, photographers, and journalist. The focus of Tropica Verde is the conservation of tropical habitats in Costa Rica. Since this time biological corridors for animals and plants were established, untouched primary forests were sustainably conserved, programs for the conservation of endangoured species developed and, together with the native population, reforestation projects were conducted. Stefan regularly visits all Tropica Verde projects in order to plan additional efforts to protect the rain forests and to discuss new projects together with local nature and environment conservation groups. A summary of his visits can be found,for example by clicking https://www.faunity.ch/category/regenwald-schutz-costa-rica/

Documentations about nature conservation, animal and plants of the central american rain forest are offered by Faunity in presentations and lectures, especially for environmental education in schools, universities but also in the context of public events.

Minimizing CO2 consumption and compensation

Faunity tries to act as environmentally friendly as possible and, moreover, Stefan Rother unsalaried supports conservation and reforestation of tropical rain forests since 30 years and he compensates his CO2 consumption by private donations to climate programs.